Design / Consulting

Spectech completes design and documentation services for all building projects. We bring all of the schematic design information together into a detailed model and set of design documents.
Our proven process includes:

Feasibility Studies and Budgeting (if required)

Tender / Contract Documentation

Tender Response, Review and Recommendation

Detailed Needs Analysis

Contract Administration

Design Development

Final Documentation

Intelligent (Smart) Building Systems

Data Centres

Networks, Wired & Wireless

Audio Visual Systems

Electronic Security Systems

Communications Structured Cabling Infrastructure

Telephony Systems and Cloud Services

Technology Project Management

Which is why we provide a complete Technology Project Management service for technology and system initiatives. We provide the resources for clients to take on new projects, so that dedicated resources can continue to meet their operational objectives.
We provide clients with the resources to manage the many tasks required throughout a project, including:

Budget Development

Resource Coordination and Management

Training Coordination

Schedule Development

Site Management

Implementation/Commissioning Strategy

Active Participation at Meetings and Presentations

Building Network Management

We add value with our ability to manage disparate and third party systems and technologies and connecting them to one single monitored network management system. We also specialize in the design of network systems and can assist you with every step of the process from design, project management and post construction service, maintenance and monitoring. Spectech is the solution.

Spectech’s experience with both networks and designing building systems provides a unique understanding required to maximize the efficiencies and performance of all connected systems.

So if a CCTV camera, Actuator, or Digital Signage has issues, we understand the troubleshooting steps and can coordinate the solution with responsible parties. With Spectech’s Building Network Monitored Services you are able to receive this information immediately. Not only will you have the notification if a device stops reporting, we investigate it and initiate troubleshooting with on-site or 3rd party vendors.

Our team provides a full level of support and monitoring for networks across Canada, allowing our clients to provide the latest technology with minimal costs, and sustain security as notification of a compromise is immediate and action is taken.


We provide a vendor independent, customizable service to support your business 24×7.
Our support team has experience with many types of businesses and will work your team to provide the reliability and support your business requires to be successful.

Our services can include:


Setup and Installation

24×7 Administration and Updates

Security and Network Access Management

Hardware and Software Management

Proactive Monitoring

24×7 Help Desk Support

Analytic Reporting

Building Technology Integration Management

The building network and the integration of the various systems has become a role that every project team must address. At Spectech we provide this consulting role as the Building Technology Integration Manager and as an independent Building Technology Integration Manager. We understand that many systems have individual requirements and we provide the link to the building network design.
As part of that design process we act as a bridge between IT and Facilities to ensure all security requirements are met and supported.

BTIM Services Include:

Develop a Preliminary Integration Plan

Coordinate With Individual System Integrators Assigned To The Project And Collect System Information

Develop a Detailed Integration Plan and Architecture Diagram

Coordinate With IT and Facilities/Operations to Manage Policy Requirements

Provide Detailed Integration Documentation For Use By Project Team and System Integrators

On-Site Implementation Management

Commission Network

Verify Individual System Connections

Manage System Integration Through System Commissioning

Manage Final Documentation